Puppy Information

Dear Puppybuyers,

I highly appreciate your interest in a puppy bred in my kennel and I would like to share with you some information that might be important for you.

Marijke van der Noorda-Mertens (Kennel Markylla’s) is not only a very experienced and successful Breeder but has also influenced my attitude to this breed. Her motto is „A Smooth is a Friend for Life!“

First and foremost my Collies are „my dogs“.  They are fully integrated into my family and my life. During their entire lives I am in charge for their well-being. This applies to the puppies born in my kennel as well, as it is due to my decision that one of my girls gives birth.


From my point of view it is very important that a bitch has matured before she has puppies. Therefore I will not plan a litter with one of my girls until they are at least two years of age. After pregnancy and raising puppies my girls get a break of at least one year.


Proud Missy with her puppies born on June 4th 2014

Socialisation of the Puppies

Being a dog trainer myself I am well informed about the importance of socialisation of the puppies to ensure that they will have a good foundation for their future life with their new families. During the first eight weeks I take care of the puppies (almost) all day long. This does not only include visual and acoustic stimuli, different surfaces and surroundings, but also becoming acquainted with various people and smells.The first training sessions take place according to the age of the pups (including toilet training and road trips of course). I feed different kinds of food in different ways and the most important thing the puppies can learn is to trust in people, mainly me during their first weeks. For more information please click here: Puppies


Their world of adventure 🙂

Saying goodbye to my Puppies is a very emotional moment for me and although I know it’s time for them to leave, I would like to skip that moment. Therefore it is extremely important for me to get to know the future puppy owners personally. I would also like to maintain the contact after the puppy time and support you whenever any question arises.


I do not „produce“ puppies, so you may have to wait for a longer time. I do not offer „a bargain“, my puppies are family members. I do not breed „Champions“, but I strive for health and wellbeing. I emphasize non-violent dogtraining with positive reinforcement.

If you would like to send me an email, I would be very happy with some information about you and your general living condition.

I am looking forward to your mail or phone call 🙂